Welcome to Curious Duck Studio

A space for software development leaders at all levels to learn, grow, practice, and connect.

About Curious Duck Studio

Why Curious Duck Studio?

We bring together software development leaders at all levels and across all disciplines to learn, grow, and share ideas in a vibrant community that fosters continuous learning and collective success. Join the studio to gain access to learning resources and connect with others. 

Our self-paced classes teach you how to improve your software development process, be a better manager, shape the culture of your organization, and communicate more effectively. We also offer live workshops where you'll have an opportunity to practice the skills you learned. And the discussions give you an opportunity to learn from the broader community.

Whether you're in engineering, design, QA, product management, or program management, you'll learn the key skills to shape your organization, increase your influence, and level up your career. Open to leaders at all levels.

What You'll Get

Our community, self-paced courses, and workshops are pretty special. We’re focused on providing you with the community and resources that will make a huge difference in your work. Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Curious Duck Studio:

  • Expand your professional network with a diverse group of tech leaders across different industries and disciplines.
  • Acquire new skills and strategies from self-paced classes, facilitated workshops, and by sharing and learning with a community deeply vested in collective technical success.
  • Leverage the hands-on expertise and experiences of others to tackle your unique challenges.

The core membership is free and open to practitioners at all levels. Once you're in, you'll have access to member-only content and exclusive events.